2017-2018 BIG/LITTLES

In keeping the tradition of encouraging our newer singers, we are excited to announce this year’s Big/Littles!  We put a JV singer with a Varsity singer (or a Varsity sophomore with an upperclassmen in varsity- in particular for some boys).  Some Seniors have two Littles :).

For Homecoming, the JV Little will sing beside their Big UNLESS they are both in third period (those will sing with their family groups).  It will make sense in class, I promise 🙂

Your job is to find your Big/Little This week!

David Berry Charricko Spencer
Jamal Scott Iriceon Gordon
Jashawn Davis Tony Dorris and Tre Spencer
Jimmy Martin Jaiden Harris
L’Quori Young Dnali Robinson
Brandarius Brown Jordan Falconer
MarQuevius Hudson Treundes Jones
Jer’Terriun Kirk Adrian Gusie
Philip Hyman Austin Wood
Josh Davis Tyrus Harrison
Kee’san Amour Kamryn Brown
Kendarious Ruffin Brendon Boyd
Jakavion Adams Demico Brooks
Matthew Lewis Bendrecus Oliver
Henry Todd Tadarius Matthews
Elijah Cofield John Irby and Altman Reginald
Celeste Penderson Iyanla Sampson
Savannah Garrett Tatyana Mcclelland
Korlalin Wood Summer Stennis
Parthena Napier Nashanti Thames
Kailynn Gilmore Alariah Cobbins
Brianna Williams ShaNiya Boyd
Julia Hall India Russell
Shanbria Neely Chyriale Smith-Johnson
Destiny Thomas Aaliyah Collins
Selena Forbes Krystal Bieliefield
Aaaliyah Stewart Jasmine Madden
Jada Scarbrough Mary Bachynski
Valorie Larkin Abby Gilbert
Danyel Thomas Eriona Dunnigan
Deneia Grady Latavia Presswood
Alvia McAlister Kayla Hudson
Jabria Dunnigan Tanaysia Barksdale
Teara Haymond Jasalynn Ott
Krystyna Lofton Haliyah Henry
Infiniti Alford Zariyana Gordon
Destiny Evans Karrington Collins
Ma’Kayla Carey ShaKyra Cole
Jasmine Walker Zyriana Burge
Charelle Reed Journey Houston
Ruthie Franklin Zora Prater
Jamia Harris Katherine Mardis
Aylisa Rhoney Sierra Hurns
Morissa Jenkins JasToshia Durr
Makiah Key-Mountain Charlie Warren
Henbria Kelly Zameria Hill
Kristan Nash Desaree Ford
Cassandra Klutz A’Niya Huff
Aisha Barfield Quandasha Nelson
Mikaela Ferris Myseha Dean and Madison Reed
Makiya Wilburn Santajia Nettles and Amber Benamon
Mia Baylor Sierra Bells and Regina Altman
Tempest Young Olivia Harris and Kayla McClain
Geniya Keith Jatyria Clark and Ty’reka Hall
Eriana Bailey Treanna Bendedr and Sharron Knighton
Jhonna Franklin Janiya Lewis and Kelsey Wilson
Meia Hornsby Asjha Turner
Jasmine Jordan Alisha Catling and Christanna Hill
Guadalupe Devora Belle Boudreau and Eryana Buckley
Kaylan Williams Kynidi Dorris
Shiolyn Brown Mary Marsh
Kyra Grant Atlantis Nash
Rachel Breland Ja’Kaidyn Boyd and LaDanna Glass
ShaKedria Griffin Bianca Bod and Chiquita Clarrk
TaDashia Flowers Amiriya Stephens
Alejandra Ozornioeja Briana Alvarado
TAja Mosby Aaliyah Miller
Jesserlyn Stringfellow Labresha Alford

A Letter from Dr. Stringer

Dear Students,

It is with a sad heart that I have to tell you that I will not be with you this year at MHS.  I have just been offered a position as choral director for East Mississippi Community College, and have decided to accept the position.  Although teaching at a college is something that I want to do, I have very mixed feelings because of the relationship that I have developed with you for the past three years that I have been at MHS.

You are wonderful students, and I know that you will continue to grow into the young adults you are meant to be.  I hope that you will keep singing as you follow Mrs. Davis’ leadership.  I won’t be with you every day anymore, but please know that you will continue to be in my thoughts and in my heart.


Dr.  Lorrie S. Stringer

2017-2018 Student Conductors

Conductors- David Berry, JaShaun Davis

Assistant Conductors- Jerterriun Kirk, Kyra Grant

The assistant conductors will be in training this school year with the intention of leading their Senior year.  The Seniors will help train them.


2017-2018 Choir Placement List

It is an exciting time to prepare for the next year- congrats to the students who were chosen to work with us another year and the choir you were placed in.  Very proud of you!!

Eriana Bailey 12 4th advanced women
racheal breland 12 4th advanced women
Shiolyn Brown 11 4th advanced women
Guadalupe Devora 12 4th advanced women
mikaela Farris 12 4th advanced women
ta’Dashia flowers 10 4th Advanced women
Jhonna franklin 12 4th Advanced women
Kyra Grant 11 4th Advanced women
shakedria griffin 12 4th advanced women
Meia Hornsby 11 4th advanced women
Jasmine Jordan 12 4th advanced women
geniya keith 12 4th advanced women
“Cassandra “”Cassy””” Klutz 11 4th advanced women
taja mosby 10 4th Advanced Women
Allenjandra Ozornioceja 12 4th Advanced women
Lyanne Pinon 10 4th Advanced Women
kaselyn stennis 12 4th advanced women
Jesserlen Stringfellow 12 4th advanced women
Alisha webber 12 4th advanced women
Azia Whitehead 11 4th Advanced women
makiya wilburn 12 4th advanced women
Kaylan Williams 11 4th Advanced women
Brianna Williams 11 4th Advanced women
Aleece Williams 11 4th advanced women
tempest Young 12 4th advanced women
Jakavion Adams 11 3rd concert choir
Infiniti Alford 11 3rd concert choir
Kee’san Armour 11 3rd concert choir
aisha barfield 10 3rd Concert choir
David Berry 12 3rd concert choir
Jessica Bielefeld 11 3rd concert choir
Gabriel Bourrage 10 3rd Concert Choir
Brendon Boyd 10 3rd Concert Choir
Brianna Briggs 10 3rd Concert Choir
kamyrn Brown 10 3rd Concert Choir
Brandarius Brown 10 3rd Concert Choir
Onomi Campbell 11 3rd concert choir
Makayla Carey 11 3rd concert choir
elijh cofield 12 3rd concert choir
Josh Davis 10 3rd Concert Choir
Austin Davis 11 3rd concert choir
JaShun Davis 12 3rd concert choir
JaBria Dunnigan 10 3rd Concert Choir
ashaunti ervin 10 3rd Concert Choir
Destiny Evans 11 3rd concert choir
selena forbes 10 3rd Concert Choir
Ruthie franklin 12 3rd Concert Choir
Savannah Garrett 11 3rd concert choir
Mia Glenn 11 3rd concert choir
deneia grady 12 3rd concert choir
Jagged Gregory 10 3rd Concert Choir
julia hall 10 3rd Concert Choir
Jamia Harris 11 3rd concert choir
Shaterrica Hayes 12 3rd concert choir
teara haymond 10 3rd Concert Choir
marquevius hudson 12 3rd concert choir
Philip Hyman 10 3rd Concert Choir
John Irby 10 3rd Concert Choir
morissa jenkins 12 3rd concert choir
Hen’bria Kelly 11 3rd concert choir
makiah key-mountain 12 3rd concert choir
JerTerriun Kirk 11 3rd concert choir
valerie larkin 10 3rd Concert Choir
Krystyna Lofton 11 3rd concert choir
matthew louis 12 3rd concert choir
jamarcus Loundy 10 3rd Concert Choir
jimmy martin 12 3rd concert choir
alivia mcAllister 10 3rd Concert Choir
Ja’Mar McCoy 11 3rd concert choir
Aaron Mosley 10 3rd Concert Choir
kacie nabors 10 3rd Concert Choir
Leshadrach Patrick 10 3rd Concert Choir
Celeste Pederson 11 3rd concert choir
Kristen Powell 11 3rd concert choir
Joyce Raley 12 3rd concert choir
charelle reed 12 3rd concert choir
Denali Robinson 10 3rd Concert Choir
Kendarius Ruffin 11 3rd concert choir
jada scarbrough 10 3rd Concert Choir
Jamal Scott 11 3rd concert choir
aaliyah stewart 10 3rd Concert Choir
Danyell Thomas 12 3rd concert choir
james todd 12 3rd concert choir
jasmine walker 12 3rd concert choir
Augarius Williams 11 3rd concert choir
L’Quori Young 11 3rd concert choir
aaliyah collins 10 1st JV Women
janeecia grace 10 1st JV Women
tomanna lake 10 1st JV Women
katherine mardis 10 1st JV Women
tatyana mcclelland 10 1st JV Women



2017-2018 Lamplighters

Congrats to our Lamplighters!  Remember we meet every Monday after school 3:40-5:00 in the choir room.  First meeting is Monday,  August 7th. We do NOT meet on Monday’s where there is no school or early dismissal.

Sopranos- Eriana Bailey, Selena Forbes, Denia Grady, Meia Hornsby, Valerie Larkin, Aaliyah Stewart, Makiyah Wilburn, Briana Williams

Altos- Aisha Barfield, Guadalupe Devora, TaDaisha Flowers, **Ruthie Franklin**, Kyra Grant, ShaKedria Griffin, Jesserlyn Stringfellow, Allie Ozornioceja

Tenors- Brendarius Brown, David Berry, Christian Clark, **Marquavius Hudson**, Jimmy Martin, Aaron Mosley, **Henry Todd**, Jamal Scott, L’Quori Young

Basses- Brendon Boyd, **Elijh Cofield**, JaShaun Davis, Josh Davis, Philip Hyman, Jerterriun Kirk

** pending director/student conference in late July/Early August


2017-2018 MHSchoirs Advisory Council

President- Guadalupe Devora

Secretary- Jamal Scott

Publicity Coordinator- L’Quori Young

Senior Representative-  Denia Grady, Allie Ozornioceja

Junior Representative- Kyra Grant

Sophomore Representative- T’Aja Mosby

Members at Large- David Berry, Kamryn Brown, Philip Hyman

Student Conductors- David Berry, JaShun Davis, Jeterriun Kirk, Kyra Grant

FCA Chaplain- HenBria Kelley

1st period workers-

Roll- Aaliyah Miller, Kayla McClain

Passes- Aaliyah Collins, Tatyana McClelland

Receipts- LaTavia Presswood

Pianists- Belle Boudreau, Aaliyah Miller

Envelopes- Jostosha Durr

2nd period workers-

Roll- Adrian Guise, Alisha Catling

Passes- Summer Stennis

Receipts- Sierra Bells, Henry Todd

Helper- Mary Marsh

3rd period workers-

Roll- Denia Grady, Jamal Scott

Passes- Morissa Jenkins, Jimmy Martin

Receipts- Julia Hall, Cassie Klutz

4th period workers-

Roll- Tempest Young

Passes- Guadalupe Devora

Receipts- Shakedria Griffin

Pianist- Jasmine Jordan

We are grateful for student leaders- remember “LEADERS ARE NOT CHOSEN, THEY EMERGE!”


2017 Graduation

Hi everyone-

Graduation is a special time that, although is a lot of prep work, is meaningful to me. Seeing our seniors on this special day is a great way to end the year- especially this class since they grew with me as a director.

However, I need to tell you that I will not be at school Thursday or Friday. My father will have a triple bypass surgery Friday morning.  Only family would take me away.  Please pray for a smooth surgery and for my mother who will help him recover.  I will be with him also for a week.

Dr. Stringer will lead graduation with help from several others. Singers- we desperately need you there! Please make sure you are on time- 6:00 in the choir room wearing dressy black.

Special thanks to Mr. Altman and Mrs. Iverson for helping and also to Mr. Ruff and Ms. Burns for helping as well- be aware you will need to adapt to a different conductor for the performance. You still represent all that we have worked hard for this year to the largest audience we will sing for.  PLEASE BE DISCIPLINED AND MATURE- represent who we are!

Class of 2017- I am tearing up now thinking of our special memories.  You mean so much to me and I am heartbroken I am missing this.  Thank you for your loyalty to choir and the amazing work you did.  I can’t wait to see the amazing things you do!

I love you all and I hope you have a super summer! – Mrs. Davis


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President’s Update- August

Hey you guys! It’s been an exciting first couple weeks of school and I’m glad to see everyone getting back in the groove of things. Just a few friendly reminders.

September 12, 2016 is our Atlanta meeting from 5pm-6pm. If you plan on going on this trip, it is imperative that you and a parent or guardian be there to find out any information about the trip.

September 30th, 2016 is our homecoming game and party. Before the game, the choir council will throw a small party for students to hang out and chill before the game. You will also be appointed a rookie at this homecoming party. Sort of like how sororities have “brothers” and “sisters”. There are more details to come.

As of now those are our two biggest events and I’m so excited to see how they turn out! If you have any questions, please contact me or Mrs. Davis.



Hello Everyone!  Hope you are all enjoying your break.  We are calling ALL VARSITY SINGERS (grades 10-12) to help us at our FIRST two performances.  We need people to commit to both events and this is SUPER community service hours :).

1.  Tuesday, July 26 – Parent Power Hour (Special invitation from Mr. Hubbard!!)  Students need to be in the choir room at 3:00.  We will have a special welcome from our Choir Council and clean up three songs to sing at the PARENT POWER HOUR at 6:00 in the MHS Auditorium.  You should be done by 6:30.  Students should wear blue choir shirts (or a blue uniform shirt) with jeans/jean shorts/khaki shorts/khaki pants/black shorts/ black pants- very flexible with the bottoms.  Our famous pizza and water is provided  🙂

2.  Monday, August 1- MPSD Convocation- You are being requested to sing for the entire MPSD FACULTY- BIG DEAL!!!- Meet at the counselor suite behind the MHS auditorium at 7:15 for donuts and orange juice.  We will sing at 8:00 (the same three songs from July 26th) and you are finished by 8:15.  This is early but is SUCH AN HONOR!!  Choir shirts and any bottoms 🙂

Please commit to both as these are our community’s FIRST impression of who we are!

3.  Sunday, August 7- There is a strong possibility that MHS will have Open House from 2-4.  While you are visiting your other teachers, be sure and come by the choir room and visit our orientation stations.  The entire process should not take over 15 minutes, and you will get lots done (think forms, sizes, handbook/calendar, pay fees, etc).  Free restroom pass if you come :).

4.  Monday, August 8- FIRST LAMPLIGHTER PRACTICE – 3:40- 5:00.  Choir room.

5.  Monday, September 12- Atlanta Choir trip parent meeting 5:00- 6:00.  Choir room.

THIS YEAR IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!  Spread the Word!