MHSchoirs has several performing groups:

1.  FRESHMEN SINGERS- The 9th graders can begin their MHS music career with Freshmen Singers.  Students meet in gender separated classes, but travel and perform together and separately.  Students can audition for the Junior High All-State Honor Choir and compete in solo contests.  All choir members sing at THE RAY and one concert a semester.  Empahsis is places on tone quality and sightreading.

2.  CONCERT CHOIR- 10th-12th graders can audition for the MHS Concert Choir.  This highly competitive group is the main performing group for MHSAA events, concerts, school events, and THE RAY.  Choir members are eligible for Honor choir auditions, Solo contests, and scholarship auditions.  This group has traveled to Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, DISNEYWORLD, New Orleans, and New York.

3.  THE MEN OF MHS- Male members of the Concert choir make up the Men’s ensemble who also compete at MHSAA.   The men are known for their vocal maturity and entertainment skills.

4.  ADVANCED WOMEN- 10th-12th grade ladies who wish to be challenged can audition for the MHS Advanced Women class.  They sing with the Concert Choir AND perform their own repertoire.  Emphasis is placed on sightreading and concentration.

5.  LAMPLIGHTERS- Continuing the long traditions of MHS choral music, the LAMPLIGHTERS are the advanced members of the Concert Choir and Advanced Women.  This SATB ensemble is the premier public relations performing group for MHS and MPSD.  The groups meets after school and performs frequently.  Although the style of LAMPLIGHTERS have changed through the years, the tradition of performing with high quality still occurs.  Currently LAMPLIGHTERS sing Contemporary Acappella.


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