MHSchoirs boasts of a unique course offering list:

1.  Advanced Placement Music Theory- for any 10-12th grader that is willing to be challenged.  The course is taught by Mrs. Davis, who has taught this course for 7 years.   Theory emphasizes the “math” and the “language” of music, and helps us understand and explain the music we hear.   The College Board Music Theory Exam is REQUIRED at the end of the year.  Please see the following website for more details:

2.  Dual Enrollment Music Appreciation (MUS 1113-HSZ)- Dr. Lorrie Stringer has taught this course at MCC for several years.  We are excited to offer this at MHS!  Students will enroll through their counselor as an MCC course.  $25 class registration fee + applicable eBooks/fees.  Music Appreciation is a survey/lecture based course that emphasizes music history and music styles of the common practice period.  This is open to 11th-12th- graders, and sophomores who meet MCC ACT requirements.

3.  Piano Lab- Dr. Stringer also teaches our 16-keyboard piano lab.  She takes students regardless of their piano background and teaches them how to read music and play piano.  10th-12th graders can take this as a semester course or take it multiple times to build skills.



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