It is an exciting time to prepare for the next year- congrats to the students who were chosen to work with us another year and the choir you were placed in.  Very proud of you!!

Eriana Bailey 12 4th advanced women
racheal breland 12 4th advanced women
Shiolyn Brown 11 4th advanced women
Guadalupe Devora 12 4th advanced women
mikaela Farris 12 4th advanced women
ta’Dashia flowers 10 4th Advanced women
Jhonna franklin 12 4th Advanced women
Kyra Grant 11 4th Advanced women
shakedria griffin 12 4th advanced women
Meia Hornsby 11 4th advanced women
Jasmine Jordan 12 4th advanced women
geniya keith 12 4th advanced women
“Cassandra “”Cassy””” Klutz 11 4th advanced women
taja mosby 10 4th Advanced Women
Allenjandra Ozornioceja 12 4th Advanced women
Lyanne Pinon 10 4th Advanced Women
kaselyn stennis 12 4th advanced women
Jesserlen Stringfellow 12 4th advanced women
Alisha webber 12 4th advanced women
Azia Whitehead 11 4th Advanced women
makiya wilburn 12 4th advanced women
Kaylan Williams 11 4th Advanced women
Brianna Williams 11 4th Advanced women
Aleece Williams 11 4th advanced women
tempest Young 12 4th advanced women
Jakavion Adams 11 3rd concert choir
Infiniti Alford 11 3rd concert choir
Kee’san Armour 11 3rd concert choir
aisha barfield 10 3rd Concert choir
David Berry 12 3rd concert choir
Jessica Bielefeld 11 3rd concert choir
Gabriel Bourrage 10 3rd Concert Choir
Brendon Boyd 10 3rd Concert Choir
Brianna Briggs 10 3rd Concert Choir
kamyrn Brown 10 3rd Concert Choir
Brandarius Brown 10 3rd Concert Choir
Onomi Campbell 11 3rd concert choir
Makayla Carey 11 3rd concert choir
elijh cofield 12 3rd concert choir
Josh Davis 10 3rd Concert Choir
Austin Davis 11 3rd concert choir
JaShun Davis 12 3rd concert choir
JaBria Dunnigan 10 3rd Concert Choir
ashaunti ervin 10 3rd Concert Choir
Destiny Evans 11 3rd concert choir
selena forbes 10 3rd Concert Choir
Ruthie franklin 12 3rd Concert Choir
Savannah Garrett 11 3rd concert choir
Mia Glenn 11 3rd concert choir
deneia grady 12 3rd concert choir
Jagged Gregory 10 3rd Concert Choir
julia hall 10 3rd Concert Choir
Jamia Harris 11 3rd concert choir
Shaterrica Hayes 12 3rd concert choir
teara haymond 10 3rd Concert Choir
marquevius hudson 12 3rd concert choir
Philip Hyman 10 3rd Concert Choir
John Irby 10 3rd Concert Choir
morissa jenkins 12 3rd concert choir
Hen’bria Kelly 11 3rd concert choir
makiah key-mountain 12 3rd concert choir
JerTerriun Kirk 11 3rd concert choir
valerie larkin 10 3rd Concert Choir
Krystyna Lofton 11 3rd concert choir
matthew louis 12 3rd concert choir
jamarcus Loundy 10 3rd Concert Choir
jimmy martin 12 3rd concert choir
alivia mcAllister 10 3rd Concert Choir
Ja’Mar McCoy 11 3rd concert choir
Aaron Mosley 10 3rd Concert Choir
kacie nabors 10 3rd Concert Choir
Leshadrach Patrick 10 3rd Concert Choir
Celeste Pederson 11 3rd concert choir
Kristen Powell 11 3rd concert choir
Joyce Raley 12 3rd concert choir
charelle reed 12 3rd concert choir
Denali Robinson 10 3rd Concert Choir
Kendarius Ruffin 11 3rd concert choir
jada scarbrough 10 3rd Concert Choir
Jamal Scott 11 3rd concert choir
aaliyah stewart 10 3rd Concert Choir
Danyell Thomas 12 3rd concert choir
james todd 12 3rd concert choir
jasmine walker 12 3rd concert choir
Augarius Williams 11 3rd concert choir
L’Quori Young 11 3rd concert choir
aaliyah collins 10 1st JV Women
janeecia grace 10 1st JV Women
tomanna lake 10 1st JV Women
katherine mardis 10 1st JV Women
tatyana mcclelland 10 1st JV Women



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